DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

...back from the second interview ... and it went great! I hope that it really went as well as I think it did. I got along really well with the interviewer. This is the one that is close by (it took me less that 5 mins to walk there) and matches up pretty much exactly with my background. I hope that he agrees.

I was so nervous about this one, but it was not even half as intense as I thought it would be.

He said that he will be hiring in about 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Okay, I still haven't said anything to my parents about this week's interviews.
And I'm trying not to be too hopeful about it.

I know, it is ridiculous to be so superstitious. I can't help it!

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