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Curiouser and curiouser...

Yep, yesterday was a strange one. I barely covered it in here, but it was StRaNgE... (trust me)
I found out even more strange things this morning: a random person sleeping in my friend's house, that one of the two drunks drank more then went to the dance...
nevermind, there's too much to cover on all that...

when we woke up this morning, the group of us pretty much snapped back into reality. Sarah was the first one to admit that she couldn't go on our little outing cause she has too much work. I woke up realizing that it was not very smart to go with my being sick, but thought that I should keep my plans with the others. As soon as Sarah backed out I realized that I too have a lot of work to do. The others agreed. Oh well. It was a good idea, but not this close to finals.

We'll all go out for brunch or something together later...

I just realized something...
why am I awake right now??

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