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*will you meet me? ...we'll fly away...*

I absolutely love that song (Rabbit in the Moon's "Out of Body Experience" -- a trance remix of "Precious Things")

ok, ok
I ditched today's plans today cause I figured it'd be easier to get work done with my roomie gone for the day (she out taking some test to be certified for teaching).

And, well... the last person who entered the room described it as "club-like" (we've got plenty of techno and trance blasting, lights down, star lights on, and people hanging around...) Oops!

I promise that I am actually going to get stuff done though. *sigh* I have to. Right after I cook up a little dinner.

I want to go out, dammit!!
Perhaps if I act like a good little student, and get my ass in gear with the work, I may be able to go later...

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