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"i say let's go let's go let's go, to this magic wonder show...Blue skies are in my head..."

It is beautiful outside again, but I'm too sleepy at the moment to get myself out of the room.

Actually I am in one of those moods that I am both sleepy and incredibly awake as well. Like I could either sleep for hours or be prancing all over town. Who knows.

Yesterday I saw on TV all of these who put together lists for themselves of stuff that they wanted to do before the die so that they will live life without regrets. They listed stuff from bungee jumping, to going back to college, to visiting a nudist colony, to changing somone's live through charity.

I'm now pondering a bit of a list for myself, but I think it'll take a while to compile. I'll post just a few here, and add more when I think of it:

*Skydiving (the ultimate way to get over my fear of heights, don't you think?)
*Travel through Europe
*Meet Tori (who knows, it could happen!)
*Own a horse (sounds little-girlish, but it isn't)
*Live in another country
*Let my family know how much I love them and apologize for being such a pain in the ass
*Stay overnight in a castle
*Learn to play the guitar
*Learn to ice-skate
*Learn more French to fluency

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