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just say yes, you little arsonist...

Happy May Day to all!

I pretty much celebrated Beltane and all last week because I knew I'd busy loaded down with work this week. I still have some beautiful flowers and ribbons around though...

Sure enough, I'm swamped with finals work, and it sux. I want to go outside, because it is so warm and beautiful out. I miss the sun.
By the time I get to be outside again my skin will probably be pale enough to blind anyone within a 3 mile radius!

It's going to be another late night, I can feel it.
I'm such a little noctural masochist, it's nearly sick. Ah well, I am a college student, c'est la vie...

Today I'm completely addicted to Choir Girl Hotel.

"Give me more, give me more, give me more...where are the velvets?"(hotel)

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