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a scary calendar and happy plants

I should have read my horoscope off of my calendar yesterday, maybe I would have been prepared (this calendar is frighteningly accurate!):
"Fasten your seat belts -- it's going to be a bumpy ride. Many will feel the sting of celestial events over the next few days. Resist signings and limit oral agreements. Sometimes the Lion bites off more than can be chewed."

One positive thing that has happened in the past couple of days was the rescue of Sebastian (that's what India and I named my roomie's pansy plant). The plant is usually given too much sun (my roomie leaves it outside like its a dog) and not enough water, and it was left outside for a long time. All of it's leaves and flowers were wilted and hanging over the side. My roomie decided that it was dead and that's wyh she didn't bother taking it back in. All of my housemates said it was dead, but I knew better...
I took poor Sebastian in, trimmed off his dead leaves, gave him plenty to drink, and kept him company for a while. He perked up a bit pretty quickly, and today he's almost fully recovered.

Just goes to show, when they are down and out, if you give someone a little care, instead of abandonment, it can be a miracle...

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