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"and as the time draws near, dreams fill my heart"

Today was filled with more job-searching and un-packing. I took the puppy for a walk so that we both could get some exercise.

I made a dumb mistake and ordered some "high school alumni directory" thingy over the phone. My parents kept handing me these postcards that the company had sent me with a 1-800 number on it, so I thought it was something they wanted me to do. I shouldn't call those numbers before I am fully awake... Hope I can get my money back... Probably not...

Looks like I will have to continue working at the department store until I am contacted by one of the places I applied to. grrrrrrrr...

I miss Josh a bunch. He's sick and I wish I were there to help him get better. If I wasn't so short on money, I'd drive up to go see him right now...

I worked on the page a bit more. I gave the flash animations in the gallery their own pages, made the sound area easier to navigate, and put in a new "song of the week". The lyrics mean a lot to me.
Go check it out, let me know what you think...

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