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Datura's Day Off

Well I have today off at least.

I was supposed to cut the lawn, but it rained a bunch this morning...

I think I will work on my site for a bit. There are a few small details I would like to change. I may ditch the guestbook since most people seem to prefer using the e-mail form. Though I may give it an extra month to see if it gets more use. We'll see. Post in it, and I may keep it -- just for you! Lol.

Anyway, after working on the page a bit, I think I'll work out for a while.
Then maybe take the puppy for a walk.
What else? hmmm... well if i get brave enough, I may try to rearrange all of the junk i brought home from school for the summer... then again, i'm not feeling quite that brave...
I will definitely attempt to fix the scanner though. There are several pictures I want to add to here and my site.
Perhaps I will visit my best friend this evening. Or perhaps I will finally let the rest of my friends around here know that I am home for the summer...
Who knows...

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