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A Tiny Recap of the Weekend:
Didn't rain, thank goodness, on my day off. Spent the day with Josh *big smile*. Went sailing. Had a few problems, but still had fun. I got a nasty sunburn on my thighs, though.
Went a friend's birthday party. Weird. Not a bad party, but the whole high-school atmosphere was just weird. I think I outgrew that even before I left high-school, so it was a bit awkward.
First day back at my second job. Not a bad day. Wish I could work full-time there so I could ditch the department store job. It pays a lot better, and I get paid basically to walk around and talk to people.
Another day at job #2. Not bad. Visited my best friend and my "fake-nephew" (her baby).

Working at job #1 again tomorrow *ick*. Hoping that I'll get paid time-and-a-half cause of the holiday.
I'm tired, and this entry isn't really going anywhere...
Goodnight all.

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