April 9th, 2001


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Sitting around,
missing certain people,
trying to concentrate on my homework due tomorrow (my busiest day),
munching on frozen blueberries (which have turned my fingers & tongue deep purple),
trying to get in a better mood,
trying to organize my life,
trying not to ge this purple stuff all over my desk!
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A Beautiful Day

It is absolutely gorgeous out!! Not a cloud in the sky! Nice and warm with a lovely cool breeze. Everyone is out and about enjoying the weather...

And I am inside my room, sitting at the computer.

That must be typed.
Damn classes!
Oh well.

On the upside, the sunshine has brightened my mood a bit.
Too bad it will be gone by the time I get out of my night class and have some free time.
Maybe I'll go to the gym. No sunshine there, but at least it'll help me look better for the summer -- when the sunshine shows all (or at least a hell of a lot more!).
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    Radiohead - Optimistic


ok, this isn't very nice.
I finally get to go outside for a bit (ok, only to walk to class), and it has not only stopped being sunny - it is a pouring thunderstorm!!
Oh well, I'll get over it.
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