April 10th, 2001


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felt guilty about not getting to the gym today,
so i did crunches and such downstairs for awhile.
I've got to get over there tomorrow, or i'll feel really bad.

i've got a pile of things to get done tomorrow, so I'm currently compiling an extensive to-do list.

drank too much water and exercised too late. I guess sleep won't be happening for a while.
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loving the sun

I guess today made up for yesterday for me.
No classes and wonderful weather that I finally was able to take advantage of and enjoy.

I found this beautiful area of campus that I never knew existed. There are quite a few little paths with trees and flowers in a lovely hilly area that overlooks the water. It's really nice. I went for a long walk there with a friend, and it was sooo refreshing to finally get out and enjoy the sun. The air was so nice today and the sky was such a pretty blue.

I have to get back to my annoying homework, but I'm in a better mood for it today. Hopefully I'll get through it fairly quickly.

I'm definitely going to the gym later. Looking forward to that.

Well, the books are nagging me, so I must tend to them...
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work, bleh

Feeling good cause I just got back from the gym.
Even my horoscope was telling me to go work out, it said:
"Mars-Uranus bond is a boost for brisk activities and rousing exercise. Perhaps more than any other sign, Leo feels the need to look good. Inaugurate a fitness program that will hold your interest..."

Now I'm a little hyper from my workout.
If I'm lucky, the energy boost should help me get all of this damn homework finished.

2 days till I get to go home!
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