April 11th, 2001



The bunny has visited early this year -- friends keep stopping by with chocolate!!
"Damn them!!" - (anal dieting side speaking)
"Thank them!!" - (my appetite, which has been deprived, speaking)
"Adore them!!" - (all feminine, chocolate-craving aspects)
"Annoy them!!" - (my freshly-caffinated devious side)

hehehe... I'll teach them not to give me chocolate!!
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    Veruca Salt - Seether

"bouncing 'round the room..."

Toooo damn hyper!
What am I going to with all of this energy?!
My case study for psych? LOL, I don't think so!! (Don't worry folks, I *will* get it done...)
I could use a damn good party right now, that's what I need!! Too bad it's a Wednesday and everyone's bogged down with last-minute work before leaving for the weekend mini-break.
Ah well, I'll just have to hunt some friends down and spread the insane hyperness for a bit...
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    Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag