May 14th, 2001


home for the summer

Well, I haven't wrote anything in here for a week, sorry folks. It was absolutely insane with finals and packing and moving back home...

I returned on Friday, exhausted with finals and then had a great weekend with Josh. (He's not home for the summer yet, but came back for the weekend). He went back to school today, so I have another couple of weeks of missing him... : (

I am now faced with the endless task of unpacking, and the joys of finding summer employment. It looks as though I will be doing retail once again... If I had jumped on it sooner I might have found something career-related (web design, graphics, an internship maybe...) Oh well.

Today I think I will unpack a bit, put in some job applications, run a few errands, and then go visit my best friend and her baby for a bit.

Ok, good. Plans are good. Otherwise I'll just be lazing around the house (is "lazing" a word?). Perhaps I will hunt down some of my other friends this week... or not. Unfortunately most of my friends are out of town, or waaay out of state! It's awfully tempting to drive and visit, except for the fact that gas prices are going through the roof (thanx to all of you who voted for BUSH!).
Anyways, I should go take a shower and get my day rolling.
we'll see what happens...
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    various "Rabbit in the Moon" creations...

one of my favorites

A collage I put together of 5 different paintings by Umberto Boccioni for my digital media class. It looks much better in it's larger form, but takes too long to load online...

gallery collage

just felt like tossing it in here...