May 21st, 2001


"hey kid, I've got a ride for you... they say your brain is a comic book tattoo..."

"straight suits, they don't understand
she tried, that one with the alligator boots
but the other side drew her in...

...heart falling fast when she left
even the milky way was dressed in black...

...they can't be what they can't believe
they can't see what you see..."

how can anyone truely "know" the reality of something, when that particular quality is essentially a subjective opinion?

I have previously gone along with the common belief that the "reality" of that particular quality would be the general concensus of what the "correct" opinion would be. When someone disagrees, their view is "distorted"...

But what if the "distorted" view is the true reality? I suppose you could say that everyone should just think completely for themselves, and stand firm with their independent opinion. I really don't believe that is possible to have an entirely uninfluence opinion. There must be some form of basis for the opinion.

Also, what if the "distorted" view is one which ultimately tears away at the person's self-identity, promoting a surging feeling of self-hate?

I believe that no one can honestly "correct" a person's perspective.
They must change it for themselves.
I don't know...
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