July 16th, 2001


arrivederci Italia...

Well, as you can see, I've returned from Italy!

I survived, the much-dreaded flights. 10 hrs each way - an 8 hr flight Boston <--> Paris and a 2 hr fight Paris <--> Italy (Rome on the way there, Venice on the way back). We got stuck with horrible turbulence at the beginning of the first flight as we had to take off through a thunderstorm (that was freaky). We also got nasty turbulence during the second leg of the trip back. ughhhhh...

Anyway, I did survive.

Italy was beautiful. I saw Rome, Pompeii, Orvieto, Tuscany, Florence, and Venice. The sights were amazing.
The food, well, was incredible. I was afraid of gaining a thousand pounds, but fortunately all of the walking balanced it out.

As soon as my pictures are set, I'll post some here and at my site.

Two weeks was a bit overwhelming for many reasons:
- As I mentioned, I was afraid of gaining weight from all of the pasta, cheese, olive oil, and cream-based sauces.
- I was tired out and overwhelmed by all of the sites - the began to blend together.
- Two weeks alone with the family = problems.
- I missed Josh terribly, and all of the romantic sites where there were tons of couples certainly did not help the matter.
- I am a complete net-junkie, I need the web. (I did get to stop into a couple of internet cafes to feed my addiction).

Overall I am grateful that my parents brought us to such a great place. The art was everywhere. I'm sure I'll write more about the trip later...

While I was gone, I thought up a ton of things that I was to add/revamp here and at the aquarium.
I started by editing this style a bit, and embedding the journal into my site. I also fixed things up a bit there, but there's still plenty more to do. Hopefully I'll get some done tonight, while Josh is off playing poker with "the guys".
On second thought, I'm tired, so I may just go catch some sleeee........
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