July 19th, 2001


Fellow Tori fans, listen up!!!!

Want to...
...go to an awesome party with your friends?!
...meet other Tori fans while celebrating Tori's birthday?!
...win raffles and door prizes?!
...raise money for a great charity (RAINN)?!
...hear Tori's new cd - "Strange Little Girls" before it's in stores?!!

There is a wonderful fundraiser called "Happy Birthday, Tori" which raises money for RAINN by throwing parties in honor of Tori's birthday!
There is a huge one being held on August 26th!
Bring your friends!!

Get more info here!!
or e-mail the volunteer host, Lisa at: rainnparty@hotmail.com

PLEASE spread the word, even if you can't make it to the party!!
It is a very good cause!!
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you get what you give...


Someone really needs your help, so click above.
You may not know the person, but neither do I.
I wish I could help more myself, but I am working several jobs to pay off my own bills.
I gave what I could.
And my way of giving more is asking for your help...
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just having thoughts...

i am not used to having time off.
I work all the time since I have multiple jobs, yet this week I have no hours till Sat. I've had the week off!
I've gotten so used to my hectic schedule, that I am just confused...

I've had no time for friends this summer, so I have only seen Josh and Gina.
I want to get back in touch with all of the friends i've neglected, but i don't know where to start.

Well, I get more hours next week, and I can hide in my little world again. Not sure if I want to...

I have decisions to make about many things, but I don't know where to start on that either. I'm not used to even having time to think about them.

I feel bored, lost, and unproductive...
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