September 4th, 2001


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in the past week, after desperately searching for somewhat-decently-priced tickets to the sold-out Tori concerts in ny and boston, I have strangely become a complete Ebay addict...

if it looks interesting, i bid on it...

here goes all my hard-earned money...


I've finally got a ticket to see Tori -- without spending my entire summer savings!!!

I am soooo excited to see the show!!!!
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Why am I awake?

I had the strange desire to wake up early today. Though I had planned to let myself sleep in a bit, I just couldn't stay in bed past 7:30.
I had a crappy dream last night, so I woke up in a pissed off mood.
I guess I'm just frustrated by a lot of things...

I have just one class today (though it is double-block), but an enormous list of things that I need to get done. Hopefully I will stick to the list and get it all done and it will be out of my mind.

STEP ONE: Heading to the security office to yell at them for not sending me the papers to get a parking permit (AGAIN).
From what I've heard I will end up with an even worse parking location than last year.

*I miss Josh*
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