November 5th, 2001


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According to this test, these are the top 15 careers (out of 25) that I should persue:

# 1 Chef
# 2 Movie Star
# 3 Rock Star
# 4 Artist
# 5 Author
# 6 Graphic Designer <--actual goal
# 7 Inventor
# 8 Mathemetician
# 9 Park Ranger
# 10 Professional Sports Player
# 11 Salesperson
# 12 Teacher
# 13 Web Designer <--actual goal
# 14 Astronaut
# 15 Computer Game Programmer <--actual goal

though most of them sound interesting (except i would never want be an astronaut, and I don't have the patience to be an author and probably not a teacher)
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What kind of feminist are you? (found by nativeinsanity)

Here are the top 5 results (out of 10?) for me:

# 1 Liberal feminism-- See
# 2 Libertarian / Individualist feminism: see
# 3 Antifeminism - actively opposing feminism; views male supremacy as natural and/or necessary.
# 4 Amazon feminism-- Dedicated to the image of the female hero in Greek mythology and in fact, as it is expressed in art and literature, in the physiques and feats of female athletes, and in sexual values and practices. See
# 5 Femme-inism: the use of traditional accessories of femininity or 'femme' identity, such as make-up or high femme clothing, in subversive, celebratory ways

An odd contradiction of characteristics. I think it basically means that I am not feminist, but find equality important?