November 18th, 2001


"can i have your sweater, cause it's cold, cold, cold..."

Sleepy again, but I have a headache & it's keeping me awake.
So I figure I'll type about some bits and pieces of today.

For now I'll skip the ridiculous fiasco with campus security cause that's probably what contributed to my headache...

Saw Harry Potter this afternoon and I think it was very well done. It's tough to read a book & then watch a movie based on it, but the vast majority of the movie was very accurate. There were little details that were different from the book: the color of Harry's eyes, Hermione goes into the woods instead of Neville, and the centaur scene is different. Otherwise I liked it a lot.

I also saw Chris in tonight's performance of Anything Goes (musical). Very well done. Yay Chris!!!

A bunch of us hung out tonight & ate the yummy pumpkin pie that I made for the dinner last night.

Haven't heard too much from Josh lately, (except a couple brief hellos and this link) since he's addicted to his new X-box. I entirely expected that to happen though, so it's fine. I get to see him soon (Wed.) anyway. I miss him, as usual...
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I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you're feeling me
And I really want you to get close to me
So won't you dance with me, dance with me

My drop-top's in the parking lot
And I'm gonna take you back to my spot
But we still got a little more time to rock
So won't you dance with me, dance with me...

Grrr... I want to go OUT...
I really don't want to be doing homework right now. I'd rather be out, or sleeping, or doing anything that is either fun or relaxing.

The irony is, that the longer I procrastinate on this work, the smaller the likelihood that I'll get to do any of that stuff any time soon :(

Back to the homework, I've got to get this stuff done at a decent hour cause I've got to be at work early in the morning...
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