February 3rd, 2002

Lil Blue Fae

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Had a fun night...

Earlier in the day I got domestic and baked a lemon poppyseed cake. It's quite yummy...
Later we went to an Improv show. They were really good. I was psyched cause the actors picked a bunch of my ideas. Hehe...

We had a cute little party at our house tonight. Orginally just one of my friends and myself were going to make crepes tonight and just chill and watch some movie. SOMEHOW we ended up offering for the rest of our housemates to join, and then invited a bunch of random friends over too.

It was a lot of fun. We made strawberry crepes, chocolate crepes, lemon crepes and broke open a bottle of chardonnay to wash it down.

Quite yummy, though I am a bit tipsy now cause Chris made me finish the wine...
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    just kidding, I'm not drunk... hehe...

When it rains, it pours...

There are times when I think bad luck hits certain people particularly hard. The past few weeks has been one of those times...
There are WAY too many couples that I know that have broken up (or nearly broken up). Josh and I are fine, thank goodness, but I've certainly had my share of nasty luck...

Well, read last weeks entry if you want to know some previous examples.

Last weekend I ended up returning home to pick up my car, which was supposedly repaired.
I stayed for the weekend because my grandmother passed away and her funeral was Sunday. I miss her a bunch. That weekend was pretty tough on me. I didn't want to completely lose it though. I wanted everything to seem ok because I didn't want to make things worse for my dad.

On top of that, my car acted up again on the way to the funeral.
I swapped my car with my dad's for the week so that I could get to my internship. It's been a pain in the ass trying to keep the car from getting $50 tickets for being unregistered at the school.

My intership supervisor ends up telling me that I can't start for another couple of weeks. Great, how I'm i supposed to get credit for an internship I'm not at?

I drove 2hours to meet in CT to swap the cars back, because again, supposedly the car got fixed. ...It had the SAME problem on my dad's drive there!! We are both absolutely pissed at the mechanics, and I have the unregistered car on campus for another week...

Oh, and the icing on the cake -- tonight I got the thing i was waiting for, but definitely not in the form i was hoping for. It happened AGAIN. At the EXACT same time of year, too. How fun. (sorry to be so cryptic, but I don't want everyone to know)
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Lil Moon Fae

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yeah. it happened again.
i should be able to handle it on my own, shouldn't i?
those who were even remotely there for me before cannot comfort me now.

it's my fault anyway
it always is