December 31st, 2002

Lil Moon Fae

Aaaaack!!! What is with this girl?? And why do I feel hurt and guilty??

Geez, one of my former roommates (from this last semester, I love all the others!) decided to come online, yell at me, then block me.
The first odd thing is that it has been almost a week since I had seen or heard from her -- kind of a delayed reaction, don't you think?
The other thing is that she has not been happy with anyone. She's thrown temper tantrums like a 4-year-old all semester whenever things aren't exactly they way she wanted them.

ANYWAY, I was kind enough to put up with it all year by letting her control everything like a spoiled child and to smile and nod whenever she needed to complain about Sarah (who never really did anything wrong in the first place). I also went along with paying $100 more than her each month for rent because her room was smaller. I constantly tried to stay on her good side because I thought it'd be ridiculous to be on bad terms with someone that I have known for such a short time.

So tonight she lashes out at me with a random set of IMs that have no connection with reality.
I know that I shouldn't take it personally because she's blown up at everyone, but somehow I feel like I failed because I could not prevent her blowing up at me.
I have sent the kindest possible e-mail and I hope that she realizes how ridiculous she is...

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