September 9th, 2004




I have a very large entry in the works right now, but currently I have marked it as private because I want to finish the whole thing before making it public.

It is ridiculously long because it is basically an update on everything (well, a lot of things, anyway) since I last posted.

Anyway, STAY TUNED, I should have it up tomorrow...

Long lost Lau has found her Livejournal again!

Geez, once I left school, its like I fell off of the edge of the earth!
I kind of went into hiding, without realizing it right away. There's so many people that I've neglected to keep in touch with on a regular basis, and I've been reminded, recently, by several people that this journal had not been updated in 44 weeks!!

A few people asked me if this means that nothing has happened in my life since then. In terms of my job or educational pursuits, they are correct, I'm stuck in a bad spot right now. Same old boring dead-end job where I know a lot more than the bosses (they call me with questions, I've even been in the company longer than most of them!). Other than that, quite a bit has happened.

I've moved twice.
Move #1
After my last semester I moved back home with my family.
I then chose to move in with my friend Melissa in Amherst. I made up all these excuses as to why I did so, but the truth of it comes down to the fact that I was sick of the long-distance thing with Josh. I did mention that in my August 4th entry last year.
When 2004 arrived, it was time to decide what to do next.
Melissa and I are great friends, but were not the best of roommates, so staying there for another year might have damaged our friendship. I was contemplating the idea of returning to my parents.
2 out of 3 of Josh's roommates were going to graduate, and he's not great friends with the one who was staying. He was thinking of moving back into the dorms.
Then it happened.

Move #2
We realized that we now had the opportunity to get a place together, and it was also the best option. We decided at the start of January that we would be living together by June. At that point, it was our little secret, but soon we told everyone we knew. Josh's family and our friends were very excited for us (most of them saying "it's about time!"

Then, of course, was the tough part.
Telling my parents.
More specifically -- telling my mother... tradtional, Italian, Roman Catholic, mother.
To disappoint her would be to tear myself to peices, so I postponed the news for a while.
When I finally broke the news, my dad was happy and excited for me, my sister was laughing cause she already knew for months, and my mom (to my relief) gave her approval. She did, however, remind me that I had turned him down before, and asked if I had given up on the engagement ring. Of course, I did not. I (as well as many many other people) tease him all the time. We know we'll be married eventually, and that's what matters.
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