September 18th, 2004


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Lil Moon Fae

I just don't know what to do with myself...

Well, I have the weekend off.
I mean, really off. There is nowhere that I need to drive to or any big obligations. Josh isn't even here. He went home for a birthday (his birthday is this Wed) dinner with his family and won't be back until tomorrow night.
I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start. So, of course, I'm online. :P

Update on the week:
Last Saturday I don't remember what I did. This worries me. I wasn't drunk or drugged or something, but I have no idea what actually occurred that day. Wait... I went shopping with Melissa for a little while in the afternoon. Apparently that was the only thing worth remembering. Oh well.

On Sunday, Josh and I drove to Boston. We met up with Keith and Whitney, and went to the Lord of the Rings Exhibit at the Museum of Science. The exhibit had a lot of the costumes and props from the movies, and had interactive stations where it displayed how some of the technologies were used for the movies. They demostrated the 3D scanning and rendering, creating the scaling illusion (to make visitors look the size of Gandalf or Frodo), and a few other things. A good amount of the videos that they had at the costume displays were segments from the "behind the scenes" section of the dvds, but it was still interesting to see it next to the actual objects/costumes/technologies that were used.
At the scaling wall, you are scanned and a voice tells you what type of creature you would be in Tolkien's world, based on your height.

I was told that I would be a tall dwarf or a short orc.

Josh (and, apparently, most guys) would be human. It seemed to say "human" more often than the chart implies, but I guess that makes sense anyway.

For anyone that's interested, I also picked up the full chart:
- Hobbits 4'2''
- Dwarves 5'
- Orcs 5'2'' to 5'8''
- Elves 6'
- Men 6'
- Uruk-hai 6'6''
- Wizards 5'11'' to 6'5''
- Ringwraiths 7'
- Cave Trolls 10''

After the museum, we parked near Keith's apartment and took the T to Fanueil Hall for lunch and shopping. I got a yummy panini with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and later picked up some small greek pastries. None of us bought anything, but it was fun to shop around anyway. We went to Keith's apartment afterward to hang out and order some dinner. I got stuck watching football with the guys and watching them play "Silent Hill: The Room" on XBox for a while. Creepy game. I'm surprised I didn't get nightmares. Overall, it was a lot of fun. His new apartment is really nice, with HUGE windows in the main area. I am not, however, jealous of the rent or the pain-in-the-ass parking.

The work week was blah, as usual. I heard from two potential jobs, but I found out that one is not as good as I thought and the other is a scam. :(
I am still going to an interview for the first one, which is another sales position (blech), but supposedly with better commission and benefits. We'll see how that works out. I'll have to do more research about the 2nd, which is supposed to be a technical apprenticeship that will pay me to earn my certifications. From what I recently found out, it looks like they actually charge you quite a bit, you don't learn much, and you are not actually employed afterward. Grrrr... I want to quit my job so badly, but there are bills to pay and unemployment looks crappy on a resume.

Anyway, today (after I stop hanging out online), I'm going to try and organize things a bit more, do some more job hunting, and try to keep the black room from flooding. Tonight I am probably going out with Melissa, Tina (the new roomie), and Jen (the roomie before me). I think some of Tina's friends are going too. I don't feel motivated to go anywhere, but I think Melissa is really counting on me to go.
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Winking DaturaFae (please DON'T steal)


Today is the birthday of my bestest friend in the world. So I'm finally post a pic of us together.
This is from Kathy's wedding. We both look sleepy because (other than the fact that we were standing in bright sunlight) we were the last ones to fall asleep at our bridesmaids' sleepover and the first ones to wake up for our hair appointments!

Bubbles! Did you spot the one on Gina's head? Lol.

At least my eyes are a bit more open in that second one.
I find it funny that in both of those pics my hair looks about 2 feet shorter than it actually is.

Josh's birthday is next. The actual day is this coming Wednesday. He has a night class that day, so I am taking him out to dinner the following night. We are probably going to the barbecue place that he drools over every time we drive by it. :) He was shocked (and very happy) when I told him that was where I planned to take him. It should be interesting. Josh is picturing me asking the waiter, ", what are the chances we could toss some tofu on that bbq?". They've got to have some veggie dishes... I hope.
I still don't know what exactly I am going to give him. I had planned all summer on taking him to the LOTR exhibit for his birthday, but that's what he ended up doing for my birthday.

At the end of the month, my sister's birthday arrives. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to visit her with my parents that weekend. It is also "parents weekend" at her school and apparently you need buy ticket and make reservations for everything way in advance. So, I'll actually going back to my parents' house that weekend to watch the puppy (they were going to board her for the weekend :( ) and to have yet more things repaired in my car.
I've been working on a package for her, though, that i plan to send out next week. Half of my sofa is cover with shopping bags containing items for it. Hehehe...

Time to call Gina!
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I hope that the weather has been as kind as possible to anyone who has been in the path of the recent storms.

The rain has moved up to my area today, but there is much less predicted for us because the storm has worn off so much.

We have an apartment on the top floor, but we are actually the ones in the building that are getting flooded. Well, not quite flooded, it is not nearly that extreme; but our back room is at the top corner of the building and there has been something wrong with the the gutter since we moved in. All morning there was a steady stream of water leaking into the two big windows in that room.
I've been piling large bathtowels on the floor underneath the windows to protect the carpet (and so that it doesn't leak through the floor to our neighbors below) and hanging them from the window so that it doesn't splash onto Josh's computer or onto the bunny. All of the towels are soaked through.

I'm grateful that this is all that I have to deal with. It is extremely minor compared to what this weather has done to so many other people and their homes.
It's still a big annoyance, though, especially because we thought it was repaired.
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