October 6th, 2004



I can see how Beatles purists may not like the APC version of Imagine, but I think theat they've done an excellent job of putting their own spin on the song. I think what people need to understand is that it's not supposed to be a drab version of the original. It is clear that they are making a point with the way that they've altered the song. Yeah, they've put their own style into the song, but it is more than that. The feeling of the original version was a message of hope. This new version has a much stronger feeling of desparation, mainly in response to recent events. It's pointing out that we have still not improved the way that we act, and in fact we have continued to make things even worse. I feel like I'm stating the obvious with this explanation, but it seems like no one has figured this out!

Anyway, I really like what they did with the song. I think that it honors the original, not ruins it.

I got the link for the video today, and it really emphasizes why the song sounds the way that it does.

If anyone else wants to check it out, here it is:

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ok, I guess it's my turn...

thought I'd post this one cause it seems pretty accurate...
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