July 9th, 2005


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Yes, I am still up.
Yes, I know that I need to be back in action in about 5 hours.
Yes, I know that tomorrow will be a long, busy day.

I am waiting for a load of laundry to finish so that I can put in another load, then hop into bed for a few hours. In the AM, it's the move. Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I hope that it goes smoothly.

Tonight we picked up a new AC and decided which coffeetable to bring.

Josh wasn't able to get back in town until after 9pm. He got stuck in rainy Friday afternoon traffic in CT. Unfortunately that means that some stuff that we had planned to get out of the way this evening is added to the list of tomorrow's activities.

Okay, I heard the washer buzz... time to move laundry and catch some zzzs... nighty-night!

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Moving Day!

I've been up since about 4:30am, packing and organizing.

Now I'm just hopping online for a sec to check e-mail and such, just in case my connection at the new place isn't set up today...