October 11th, 2005


I know there MUST be NiN-obsessed fan that wants to join me!

* * * Who wants to go to the Nine Inch Nails concert with me at the Garden (nyc) on Nov 3rd ? ! ? ! * * *

I am desperate for tix and an enthusiastic NiN fan to join me!!

(yes, this means hunting down and splitting the price of some last-minute tix...)

I've been an NiN nut since I was about 13, but I still haven't gone to a NiN concert because I can never find anyone to go with me! Josh offered to buy them and go with me, but I would feel tremendously guilty because he doesn't even like concerts (yeah, I don't know how we ended up together, lol.) Plus it is always a downer to go to a concert with someone who isn't really into it. Anyway...

I'll do your laundry, name my firstborn after you... whatever is necessary!!!!