October 13th, 2005


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in my thoughts I am everywhere at once
in reality I am nowhere

somehow I am certain that I was meant to be someone else
maybe more than one person

I don't know how to restart
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The Sunshine and Roses

Ok, I've got to balance that last entry out with some good news.

Next week I have two interviews.

Well, one isn't really an interview. It is meeting with the HR Director to discuss some opportunites that might be available. Their IT dept is not hiring right now because of x, y, and z and they are outsourcing all of that probably until the spring. However, it is for a big company and we are meeting to discuss positions that are more on the communications career track that I might use to get my foot in the door over there.

The other one is for a specific position. The location would be fantastic. I would have no travel expenses because it is so close by. This one is not the big corporate scene, which means that is a more comfortable working environment -- but it also that there is less of a potential to "move up the ladder" because the ladder is shorter. However, the pros of this job completely outweigh the cons. I am going to invest my entire weekend to prepping for that one!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

See -- I can be hopeful!!
The icon proves it, right??!
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