October 31st, 2005


A Yummy Day

So, despite the lack of a party or trick-or-treaters (we had a bag of candy just in case, but I guess they don't do that in the city), it was a good halloween.

This weekend we ended up buying a pumpkin that was a little too small for carving, but good for painting.
However, as I was looking at it today and thinking of how I wanted to decorate it, I realized that we bought a rather tasty looking sugar pumpkin.

So, instead of decorating it, I decided to make pumpkin soup for dinner. I improvised the recipe, but it was delicious. We have tons of leftovers. I toasted the seeds, of course, and those were great too (again, plenty of leftovers).

For dessert, I sauteed a couple of apples in a little butter and some maple syrup. We ate that with just a little scoop of butter pecan ice cream. Soooo yummy. (Many thanks to riverrocks for this delicious idea!)

Now the apartment smells scrumptious! We still have our little pumpkin-shaped gourd, so I could decorate that if I feel the urge. The cinnamon candle adds to the spirit and the lovely aromas.

No costumes, but overall, a good night. :)