November 28th, 2007

Futurama, Gunter

Writer's Block: Public Transit Nightmare

What has been your worst experience on public transit?
On the subway, maybe a year ago:  I had long hair and a good chunk of it somehow got caught on the cheap metal "PRADA" (yeah, right)  tag of some woman's purse as she was walking by.   It was crowded, and the train was moving, so I couldn't move with her.  My friends, her friends, and various other people were yelling at her to stop walking but she didn't look at what was happening and just told them that she could move if she wanted to.  All I could do was cry because it hurt so much.  Eventually the tag popped off (it was likely a knockoff purse, because they sell a lot in that area) and I was able to get it out of my hair -- with a large handful hair that had been yanked out by it.  Her friend had finally stopped her, so I walked up and handed her the tag.  NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST APOLOGY.  I hope that it ripped that damn purse.