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"but it's gone, daddy gone, the love is gone..."

I *sniffle* cut my hair yesterday...
I had beautiful, curly, waist-length, very dark, deep reddish-brownish-black (i know, a slightly odd description of color) hair.
(my icon is actually a very good portrayal of how I look, sans wings...)
I love my hair and I get complements on it 24/7...
I hadn't cut it since last August.
Then, of course, my mother makes me go and get it cut.
I wasn't able to see the usual person that trims it for me, because she was away.
This other woman asks me how much to cut and I went through this big conversation with her about how much I hate to cut my hair and said "2 inches".
She ended up cutting over 3 inches, and, since it is curly, it has the effect of cutting 5 or 6 inches.
I know my hair is still "long", but I haven't had it this short in over 3 years!
Josh likes it, my family likes it, but I hate it!
And hey, it's MY hair!!
I can't believe I am this upset over it,
my hair is the only feature I actually like about myself!!!

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