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"we both know it was a girl... back in Bethlehem..."

OK, so...
Tomorrow it looks like a beach day spent with Josh. Maybe we'll head over to a movie at night (pleeease? I want to see the new David Duchovny movie!) We've had plans to go see a movie for a few days now, but somebody likes to stay at home!

Wednesday, I will finally get to hang out w/Rachael again! (YAY!) I haven't seen her in a year! Somehow it is never possible for us to get together more often than once a year (or four years, for that matter! Lol) Looks like Boston may be in the plans again, so I think we'd better strap on the safety gear and tote some good-luck charms!!

Todays plans -- who knows... They'll work themselves out. I'll probably do some laundry, pay some bills, take the puppy for a walk, work on the site... Lots of fun.

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