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Ok, I finally decided to join the crowd and fill this out...

7 things you are afraid of:

1. heights
2. things falling on me
3. failure
4. somehow losing people I love
5. abandonment
6. mushrooms
7. men who should not be wearing Speedos

7 things that make you laugh:

1. my friends
2. old pictures
3. Wayne�s World
4. my puppy
5. my own insanity
6. Robin Williams
7. Bush (he�s not really the president, is he?)

7 things that make you cry:

1. self-hate
2. time passing too quickly
3. regrets
4. good music
5. nightmares
6. goodbyes
7. failures

9 things I love:

1. Josh
2. my family
3. my puppy
4. faeries
5. the color blue
6. fire
7. good music (especially tori�s)
8. the ocean
9. good conversation

7 things I don't understand:

1. ME
2. prejudice
3. narrow-minded people
4. dogmas of organized religion
5. why the chicken crossed the road
6. Kathy Lee
7. what to put for #7

7 things on my desk:

1. a metal star-shaped slinky
2. tons of faerie pics
3. a box of green tea
4. a box of mint tea
5. random papers
6. candles
7. a cup of pens, pencils, and markers

Right now you are:
sleepy and discombobulated

7 facts about you:

1. I am a walking contradiction
2. I�m afraid of cars, but I love to drive
3. I would love to have wings
4. I�ve been in love with Josh for over 3 years
5. I�m very indecisive
6. I�m extremely self-conscious
7. I love time spent alone, but I�m afraid of being alone

8 things to do before you die:

1. Skydiving (the ultimate way to get over my fear of heights)
2. stay overnight in a castle
3. meet Tori (who knows, it could happen)
4. travel Europe
5. learn more French - to fluency
6. live in another country
7. learn to play guitar
8. let my family really know how much I love them and apologize for being an incredible pain in the ass�

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