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Hey-ho, hey-ho, we're off to work again...Bells are ringing, we are singing,Joyous in our industry..

Ok, i ADORE my job at Sprint (job#2)...
I get to see bunches of free summer concerts. Oh wait... no... not free... I get PAID! I sit a table before the show and at intermissions and advertise the service. I see the show for free, get great parking, and discounted food.

Tonight I saw Dido. I'm not the biggest fan of hers, but I really love her song "Thank You". It reminds me that a certain person is in my life who makes everything brighter... (speaking of him, he was an absolute sweetie today and left a cute note on my car while I was at work) I have to say that she put on a great concert.

Who else will I be seeing? How about Aerosmith, Fuel, Moby, Incubus, Barenaked Ladies, Vertical Horizon, Godsmack, and the Deftones... Not bad, eh?

I love that job, it's so cool. I get paid to talk to people and see concerts.
My other job (in the department store), however, sux more and more every day. I can look forward to spending a 9am-6pm there tomorrow, where I am overworked (they hardly remember to give us breaks), underpaid, and underappreciated...

Anyway -- Damn, how I love concerts!

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