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Summer concert #2 (also free!)

So I went to work last night at the sold-out Aerosmith concert (*sigh* its a tough job, those free concerts, but somebody's got to do it)...

The BAD things:
- I missed seeing Fuel because I had to stay at the Sprint tent during that time (not very happy about that).
- Drunk guys hitting on me. Got the creepy-guy vibe from most of them. Although one was pretty cute (and much more my age) and was a sweetie - he introduced himself shook my hand, then got on his knee and kissed my hand. (Flattering, but I've got my Josh, thank you)
- This woman who was drunk, high, (and acting way too young and ditzy than she should have been) decided that she would push in front of me and dance so that her head would keep bumping into people. Grr...
- Got a contact high from the people standing near me that were smoking away. Well, who knows, maybe that enhanced the concert, but not in a way that I wanted it to.
- Since I don't get tickets (my name is on a guest list that they check instead), I can't bring anyone with me. (Though its not that tough to meet people that you can hang out with at a concert. Just have to hope that they are not dangerous...)
- Took a while to find my car.

The GOOD things:
+ I sold a phone to Aerosmith's tour accountant.
+ The guy I was working with was really nice.
+ Being a girl and being very convincing got me free refreshments and guys let me stand in front of them at the concert (I got to the very front of the standing area!).
+ Aerosmith has nearly perfected the rock concert. They were spectacular! They certainly gave their all to their home state(nearly their home town)! What can I say, MA bands rock!
+ They were cool enough to come to a separate stage set up right in the lawn area!(right near me!) They even played "Dream On" while they were at that stage!
+ "Love in an Elevator" was stuck in my head all day. And that ended up being the second song of their set.
+ The concert was incredible!
+ And of course, the combo of employee parking and leaving before the encore got me out of there with no traffic issues.

Overall, it was a cool concert. Definitely not something I mind getting paid for!!

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