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Everclear concert #2

I'm at Josh's house. We went to the Everclear concert last night at a club in Providence, and I crashed here after...

The concert was kick-ass, except for the first band (Flip). I liked the Mayfield Four even more than when I first saw them. They were really good. American Hi-Fi was pretty good, but I liked Mayfield Four better. Everclear, of course, certainly did not disappoint! They played "Amphetamine", so I was quite happy. Josh caught a guitar pick from Everclear, so he was pretty psyched.

The club was really packed, so it wasn't exactly comfortable in any way. I got really dizzy cause of the heat and humidity (and dehydration). I also forgot to change out of my sandals before the concert so i wouldn't get my toes smashed up (which did happen...). Ooooouch!
Nonetheless, we had a really good time.

(btw - no, i didn't get into this concert for free, unfortunately...)

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