DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

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Up too early...

I'm bored.
I woke up too early (8am).

I have all day to sleep (no work today), and you would think I'd take advantage of that, after being up so late.
But I guess I got accustomed to getting up really early while I was in Italy. I think I also renewed my caffeine addiction while i was there, cause the coffee was so strong. I could really use a cup of it right now...

Josh is still sleeping, of course. I want to bug him, but he looks pretty happy sleeping.

My tummy is rumbling, and I could really use the bathroom (thats probably why i woke up), but I don't want to risk encountering his parents downstairs, cause I don't know if they are aware that I slept over.

Wake up Josh!!

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