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Leo... grrrrrrrr...

It's not a good time to think about cutting loose and having a little fun right now, it's a much better time to just focus on clearing up any lingering or unresolved issues. There will probably be a lot of things that require your attention right now, and it wouldn't be a good idea to ignore any important matters that need to be dealt with.

Guess the stars pretty much spell it out for me...
It's time to stop procrastinating, and take care of that giant mess of junk that's been swirling around my head, unresolved, for so long:

The small things - like what I should do for my birthday (it's a landmark year, & I'd like to see my friends, but unfortunately most of them are far away), and what to get for my friends' birthdays...


The big things - like FINALLY deciding to transfer (or not, but finalizing that decision, and justifying it!), and deciding if I am going to take next semester off. I've pretty much decided "yes" on that last one, it's just a matter of how to explain that to the parents, and figuring out where I will be staying for that period of time (I can't stay at home, I would kill myself - seriously). I guess that depends on where I will be for the following semester.


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