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Move-in day -- My Return to LiveJournal

Hey everyone, I'm back!
I worked my ass off this summer, so I've rarely had the chance to update in here. But now that I'm back in NY, I should be able to stop by and update more often.

Yes, I decided to return to the same school this semester cause I freaked out about staying at home for a semester...
Am I happy about it? We'll see...

The new house is awesome, we have a much larger common room and a nice location. My room is a bit smaller than last year, but it has an extra window, which is nice.

It feels so strange to be back. Alot of my friends here last year were seniors, so now they have graduated -- and gone. Two of my friends transfered to other schools. Though I still have a bunch of friends still around, I miss them all a bunch.

I was also pretty sure that I would not return this semester, so it feels awkward to be here.
Plus, I feel like I am supposed to be working, since that's what I have been doing 24-7 this summer. It feels wrong not to be making money right now...

I can't believe that we are actually the seniors now. Where has the time gone? It feels like it all passed me by in a blink...

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