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Well, I am off to bed after a long day of getting settled and running back and forth from Donnelly to other random buildings for various reasons.
I still have to sort out the add/drop and override situation early tomorrow to fix my schedule.

* * *
for the quote board:

tiffany: "how's the pet?"
beth: "the fish??"
tiffany: "yeah, the fish"...
Lau: "Can I be the sugar mama, please?"
Kaja: "there is nothing like a hot doctor to slap your ass" ;-)
Lau: "the loud ones make my pants shake"
Chrissy: "Oh my, here's the finale..."
* * *

I'm exhausted, it's definitely time for bed. I knew I wouldn't have fallen asleep earlier, but I suppose I should have tried.
After I set up Kaja's computer I came in here to take care of some random stuff online, and I just haven't left yet.

I was also waiting to talk to Josh online, since we haven't really had the chance to talk yet since we left. But, alas, the moment he comes online and says hi, I'm typing in here.
Grrr, I wait around to at least say goodnight to him, and he doesn't wait even a minute for me. Not even a "goodnight", how rude!

Guys can be such such a pain...

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