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so very scared... and still crying...

My Fear

by Alexander Zudin, Obshaya Gazeta, St. Petersburg, Russia

by Petar Pismestrovic, Kleine Zeitung, Austria

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<i>My Fear</i>
<IMG SRC="http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/attackInternat/terrinternatGIFs3/zudin02.jpg" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="220" BORDER="0">
<small>by Alexander Zudin, Obshaya Gazeta, St. Petersburg, Russia</small>

<IMG SRC="http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/attackInternat/worldgifs3/petar.gif" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="220" BORDER="0">
<small>by Petar Pismestrovic, Kleine Zeitung, Austria</small>

<IMG SRC="http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/attackInternat/terrorINTERNATIONALgifs/USTerrorAttShootTargetVeen.gif"" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="220" BORDER="0">

For more cartoons of many international perspectives on this situation, go to: <A HREF="http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/attackInternat/main.asp">http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/attackInternat/main.asp</A>

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