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"you've got to give something sometimes, when you're the sweetest cherry in an apple pie..."

Damn cold.
I woke up yesterday with a nasty cold and it hasn't but much fun since.
Just a head cold, but not a nice one (are they ever?) Oh well.

On the upside, some good things have happened:

My ticket got sold on Ebay, and the bid was high enough so I can donate $36 to RAINN. (haven't received payment yet, though)
I now have my own radio show at the college (woo-hoo!!).
I am co-hosting it with one of my friends, it should be lots of fun! (We don't have a name for the show yet, though. Suggestions are welcome!)

This weekend is "Parents Weekend", so tons of familes will be at the college for the festivities. My family is skipping it this year (same as last year) cause I just saw them last weekend.
This has the potential of major boredom for me. However, I do have friends in the same situation as me, and we have at least made plans for Saturday night.

Well, a sleepy girl like me should get to bed soon. I was rather hoping for at least a "goodnight" from Josh, but who knows where he is. </small>(drinking is my guess, and I'm usually right...)</small>
Goodnight all!

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