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"why does there gotta be a sacrifice?"

I am in one of those terribly unproductive moods.

Josh and I had a great weekend together. We made lasagna on Friday and it was soooo good! I didn't realize how big the recipe was, though, and we ended up making two pans of it. I recruited a bunch of my friends and housemates to help consume it, but there was still a lot left. It was our lunches for the rest of the weekend, and there is still some in the fridge.

Like I said, the weekend was really great. It was nice and quiet since a few of my housemates left for a few days. He looks extra cute cause he's been working out and stuff. (Though he's stronger now and has unfortunately taken to tossing me around, lol.)

Now, unfortunately, I'm missing him even more than before he got here. My pillow still smells like his aftershave and the room seems empty without him. I won't get to see him for another few weeks (at least two weeks). :(

This long-distance stuff has always been a bit tough, but it seems to be wearing on me a LOT lately. It just makes everything difficult. For instance, when my friends here just need a hug or something from their boyfriend/girlfriend, they can get one in less than 5 mins. I have to wait days, or weeks. :(

That may account for a lot of it lately -- just being around other couples that don't have to be over a hundred miles away from each other. I get jealous. I get lonely. I get depressed. I get pissed that I am still in NY...

Wow, tomorrow will be three and a half years for us.

He said some things last week that were very reassuring to me about "us". I'm not going to get into typing that on here. We got into a horrible fight, but in the end, I think we both felt better, even closer.

I don't even know why I am typing this. I suppose I just needed to get it all out so that I can try to work...</small>

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