DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...) (daturafae) wrote,
DaturaFae (DharmaChick, Lauren, Lau...)

This seems to get passed on through everyone, so here it goes...

Been to a Backstreet Boys concert: no, thank you...
Been on a plane: yes, unfortunately (i'm afraid of them)
Been on a cruise: no

Went swimming in the ocean: yes, i live on the coast
Been to Europe: Yes. Italy.
Been to Mexico: No
Been to Canada: Yes. I want to go back!
Been to China: Not yet.
Been to Alaska: No, but I'd like to.
Been to Australia: No, but I'd really like to!
Been to Japan: Not yet.
Been to Korea: Not yet.
Been in a school play: Oh yes!! Many, many times!!!
Gone to church: yes, but not recently.
Watched "Dawson's Creek": yes, i admit it
Seen a grizzly bear (not in the zoo): Nope
Been to Lake Powell: I don't think so.
Gone skiing: No, although my boy promises to take me every year
Gone snowboarding: No, but it'd be fun.
Been on a motorcycle or motorbike: Once.
Fell asleep during a scary movie: No, but I've closed my eyes a bunch!
Never slept during a night: WAY too often. Yay insomnia.
Played field hockey: In gym class in high school.
Played soccer: Yep.
Played baseball: Yes. But softball more often.
Been to a Major League Baseball game: No
Sat in a suite at a basketball game: No
Seen the Harlem Globetrotters: No
Kissed a guy/girl: Guys, yes. Girls (like my family) on the cheek.
Gone to Applebee's: Yep, they're across the street from here
Eaten fish: Oh yeah, i love seafood
Eaten caviar: a while ago, once or twice. it's icky...
Seen someone die (not in a movie): No, fortunately.
Met the president: No
Sang in public: Many, many times
Driven a car: Yes
Didn't wash your hair for a week: lol, yeah (camp)
Been to all 50 states: No, Georgia is as far west as I have gone
Broken something valuable: yeah, probably
Disobeyed your parents: sorry mom, sorry dad, I must have been (and still am) such a pain!
Missed a day of church: well, yeah
Skipped school: shhhh!!! (not until college, but I am a good girl 90% of the time)
Your teachers have been on strike: not sure
Broken through ice: dunno?
Bought ice cream from an ice cream truck: Yep, at the beach and stuff
Used your parents credit card (with permission): only to return something for my mother
Gotten a cavity: nope
Broke your arm: fortunately not
Been given stitches: thankfully no
Shopped at Abecrombie and Fitch: LOL NO
Shopped at American Eagle: Onr T-shirt
Shopped at Old Navy: I think I bought a shirt there once
Not filled out a chain letter: urgh, yeah
Been to the top of the Statue of Liberty: No, but I've seen it.
Dunked a basketball: Lol, no
Wrote a story and had it published: do school publications count?Filled a piggy bank: almost
Walked down 5th Avenue: yeah
Read "Gone With the Wind": No, but I read half of the sequel
Danced in a ballet recital: Yeah, a few
Built a snowman: yes
Went to the Olympics: no
Went to Africa: no
Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge: nope
Milked a cow: no
Husked corn: yes
Carried a real koala bear: no, but I saw a few this summer (they're soooo cute, like teddy bears w/claws)
Saw the Northern Lights: no but I would absolutely love to.
Been to a runway fashion show: I don't think so.
Went to the Smithsonian: yes

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