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Tori Concert -- still in awe...

I can barely put into words how amazing the concert was tonight. Tori was absolutely radiant in every way. Her performance seemed fifty times better than the last I attended, and I loved that one!
Her audiences are always wonderful -- everyone sits in awe of her music, savoring every note, but between the songs the crowd goes wild. The feeling of her concert is incredible. The world is somewhere else and you are on "Tori time". For that time, every person in that room is on the same page. It's like a giant hug from the Goddess.
She received many a standing ovation, and returned for two encores (though the audience still wanted more).

Her performance started off with "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" for which she was offstage. She then came onstage and performed "Past the Mission". The rest of her set I cannot recall in exact order (I was going to write them down, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the stage), but I think these are all of them(actually, I think I may be missing a couple):
"Sweet Dreams"
"Daniel"(Elton John cover)
"Doughnut Song"
"Flying Dutchman" (i was soo happy to hear that one!)
"Me and a Gun"(amaaazing...)
"Frog on My Toe"
"Jackie's Strength"
"Imagine" (John Lennon cover which everyone stood up for & she asked us to sing with her)

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