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A bit sleepy from being up too late last night, but had fun.
A bit hyper due to the lovely effects of caffeine!
Trying to move on to getting stuff accomplished today. (cleaning up the room, doing laundry, completing homework, going to the gym, taking care of habitat stuff, etc...)
Getting a bit more more energy by blasting some techno, it seems to be working.
I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to go see the children's theater performance tonight. I was in it, but I dropped the show because A)I kept missing rehearsals due to Habitat obligations, and B)I figured it would be important to keep my schedule a little freer to take care of the Habitat b-ball tournament (which now is cancelled after all, urghhhh...). I can't stand stitting in the audience, I need to be onstage.
I'm a typical Leo, I guess.

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