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Alloy quiz -- ignore this, I'm just bored

Miss Mystery

You're the cool, elusive chick who the guys just can't figure out. Worshipped from near and far, you're more than likely oblivious to your many admirers. In fact, you probably have four or five male friends who would give their right hand (the one they write or paint with -- you often attract the creative types) to date you, as well as numerous classmates who are silently smitten. When you speak in class, guys hang on your every syllable, just hoping to get a peek into that intriguing mind. Intensity is your best asset: Your intellectual passion inspires many a man to read a novel, buy an album, or taste some exotic cuisine -- just because you mentioned that you liked it. Now, we'd never tell you to curb your self-confidence or downplay your 150+ IQ, but do pay closer attention to all the hotties who surround you. A mind is a terrible thing to waste -- but so's a good guy!

Ooooohh, aren't I special? LoL.
Well I'm not exactly looking for another "hottie" right now, thanx...

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