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yummy yummy ice cubes...

I admit it -- I have an addiction to freeze pops.
You know, those plastic tubes of frozen, artificially flavored ice in colors that can't possibly be natural?
Yep, those.
I seem to have one in my mouth 24-7...

You'd think with how picky I am about natural foods & such that I wouldn't be eating those things...
They can't possibly be nutritious in any way (though the Kool-Aid kind has vitamin C, does that count? -- I know, it's still a tube of chemicals...), so I am trying to ween myself off of them. I swear that there is something addictive in them!! Kerry says that she's actually seen some article or something that confirms this theory.
Other friends claim that I have an oral fixation since I am a gum-chewing fanatic as well. LoL...

I'm currently attempting to suck on ice cubes instead to satisfy my craving.
We'll see how long this lasts...

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