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I finished up my wings last night & they are all glittery. Today I'll be flittering around campus with them. I'm wearing them with a lacey black skirt, a black top, a wreath of silver stars, & (of course) plenty of glitter & silver stars. It worked out pretty well.
I wish I had decided to make the wings earlier, cause I kind of rushed in decorating them. They're still pretty cute, though!

I wore them to my Renaissance Lit. class, hehe... The prof actually thought it was pretty cool.
I've already had my pic taken by a bunch of my friends. Hopefully I'll get a copy & post it at the site. Or maybe, if I'm impatient, I'll bug Chris to let me use his web-cam.
I got up way too early today (5:30am) cause I was so psyched over the holiday.
Maybe it's time for a nap...

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