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random survey stolen from danicadatura (yes, i'm bored tonight)

four things you'd eat on the last day of your life
-mmm...lobster, or clam chowder
-a really good Thai dish that includes shrimp, cashews, and rice noodles
-a yummy Italian dish that includes fresh mozzarella and veggies
-rice pudding

four CDs from your collection that you will never get tired of
-Tori Amos - Under the Pink (if I must choose one of hers, that is at least what is in my stereo at the moment)
-Poe - Haunted (a recent obsession)
-Pearl Jam - Ten
-REM - Automatic for the People

four celebrities you would have sex with
-dunno, i never really thought about it...

four songs you get stuck in your head frequently
-System of a Down - Chop Suey
-Poe - Not a Virgin (or Spanish Doll)
-Tori Amos - Mr.Zebra
-StainD - Fade

four things you'd like to learn
-how to play guitar
-how to manage time & money more effectively
-how to be more assertive
-how to accept that not being perfect is okay

four beverages you drink frequently
-herbal or green tea
-coffee (strong & sweet)
-skim milk or soy-milk

four places to go in your city (hometown)
-the beach!!
-the cinema
-josh's house

four things to do when you're bored
-apparently, fill out surveys
-find yummy recipes

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