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A mixed weekend...

This weekend was such a crazy mix of good and bad:

Good things:
-I spent this weekend visiting Josh, so -- spending time with Josh, of course. (I can't wait till we both graduate and this whole long distance thing will be over with.)
-I baked a dozen muffins to bring to Josh & they were quite yummy.
-Random fun stuff (so specific! hehe)
-Lemon drops
-Bought birthday presents for Beth

Bad things:
-My first speeding ticket, ugh... I keep forgetting that there is one road on the way to Josh's that has a limit of 55mph (the others are all 65mph, i was going 76mph).
It was SO stupid of me, cause I was going behind someone who was driving faster (& they probably would have just pulled that car over). But i didn't see the cop, so I didn't slow down soon enough & he clocked us both going the same speed -- and pulled BOTH of us over.
Thank goodness this won't affect my insurance (so I am told), but the fine is REALLY going to hurt my wallet (I've been told it'll cost about $180 -- ouch!) I'm not having very good luck with my finances!!

-Waking up Sunday morning around 4am to the fire alarm going off in Josh's building. He wanted to ignore it & stay in bed, but I could smell smoke, and when we left the room I saw plenty of it. We later found out that someone on his floor had set a couple of bulletin boards on fire in the hallway.
We waited outside in the cold for quite a while, went to a floor meeting, then finally got back to bed around 5:30am.

-Getting back here & realizing what a busy week I have. I have 2 or 3 tests, several projects due, I start my job...

Fortunately at the end of the week I will get a (small) paycheck, I'll get to go home for a night (I haven't seen my family in two months), and my sister will be visiting for the weekend!

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